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Home Mortgage Loan Rates: Get the Best Rate on Your Home Mortgage Loan

Home mortgage interest rates hit record lows in 2004 and have remained at record lows as we go through 2005. It is possible today to get a thirty-year fixed rate home mortgage loan for under five percent, and an adjustable rate mortgage can be found for under four percent if you look hard enough!

However, record low mortgage rates do ...

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Should I Wait to Refinance?
Mortgage rates have gone up and down, and some speculate that they may drop even lower, but homeowner?s have to consider whether or not playing the waiting game is really wise when it comes to refinancing your mortgage. While analysts speculate that mortgage rates will remain low, no one is guaranteeing, or even predicting that they will drop lower. While it is not impossible for rates to drop even lower than they already are, it is more likely that they will go up than it is that they will go down. Homeowner?s who wait to refinance with the hopes that rates will drop below the currently low rates may be disappointed and find themselves refinancing at a higher rate than they could have if they would have refinanced now.

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